Application of dry film anti-mildew agent TIO-20

2021-10-20   Pageview:414

TIO-20 has a strong ability to kill mold, wide range of use, the effect of mold is significantly better than the traditional anti-mold agent, is the traditional polymer materials, artificial leather and microfiber anti-mold agent of the new generation of products.

This product can also be widely used in the anti-mold of many products such as paint, lacquer, lubricant, shoe polish, paper, bamboo and wood products and cultural relics protection.











Rheology modifier
The ideal rheology modifier should have good thickening effect and thixotropy, anti-sagging, anti-settling, prevent paint from penetrating into porous substrate, stability to temperature, etc., and can improve brushability, flow, and leveling. It can eliminate surface defects such as brush marks and roll marks. Table 8-15 lists some typical rheology modifiers.

Marine antifouling agent
The concept of “anti-fouling” (antifouling) refers to the prevention of fouling by marine organisms, which is the use of various methods to prevent and reduce the adhesion of marine organisms on the surface of carnauba wax formula marine facilities. Other broader concepts of “anti-pollution” are not covered in this chapter.

Since humans entered the ocean for economic activities, they have begun to fight against marine biological fouling. After long-term practice, many methods have been invented to prevent marine biological fouling, such as chlorine gas, electrolysis of seawater, ultrasonic waves, impressed current, and radiation. Materials, underwater mechanical cleaning and coating of marine anti-fouling coatings, of which coating anti-fouling coatings is the most effective method with mature technology, simple process, wide application and wide application.

Marine anti-fouling paint is controlled release of marine anti-fouling agent and interacts with marine fouling organisms to prevent marine organisms from adhering to the surface of objects. The most important components of marine anti-fouling paint are matrix resin and marine anti-fouling agent. . Marine antifouling agents are mainly selected from pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, fungicides and polymers with biological activity. With the increasingly stringent marine environmental protection, the preparation and selection of high-efficiency and broad-spectrum marine antifouling agents Fouling agents are increasingly important to the development of marine antifouling coatings.


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