How long does it take for concrete to be demoulded?

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Cement prefabricated parts are made of concrete slurry with cement, sand and gravel, etc. And cement prefabricated parts are divided into various types of large, medium and small products such as cement cover, road side stone, permeable tiles and cement mat strips.

1, Concrete production raw materials

Qualified quality cement, sand and stone prepared concrete slurry, mortar test blocks can generally be condensed and demolded in 24 hours.

If it is a poor quality raw material such as tumbled cement, generally the setting time will be a little longer than 24 hours before it can be demolded because of the fear of damaging the edges or generating cracks, etc.

2, The volume size of cement precast

The setting time of different volume of cement precast is also different. Obviously, the larger the volume of cement precast, the more time is needed to take off the mold in case the product has defects.

For example, for the largest 4m x 2m cement cover we make, it usually takes about 2 days to observe the situation before demoulding.

3, Temperature

It is known in the industry that cement products are affected by temperature because cement itself has the property of thermal expansion and contraction.

Therefore, when the weather is hot in summer, the concrete mortar has a short setting time, and it can also be frequently sprayed with water for maintenance, so the demoulding time is generally within 24 hours to get it done.

On the contrary, when the weather is cold in winter, the concrete mortar has a long setting time, so the demoulding time will be extended accordingly, and it usually takes 2-3 days to demould depending on the situation. Tianshi release agent for concrete is a water-based emulsion, neutral in acidity and alkalinity, does not react to concrete and aluminum mold, and is harmless to human body, it is an efficient and environmentally friendly release agent. This product will form a transparent protective layer on the aluminum mold after brushing on the formwork for 15-30 minutes, so that the concrete will not stick to the formwork, and this release agent will not be left on the concrete wall, so it will not cause bad influence on the project afterwards. It saves manpower, protects the aluminum mold and prolongs the service life of the aluminum mold.


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