Features of silicone oil emulsifier

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1. The product is dispersed in water into an emulsion, with a strong emulsification ability.
2. This product has a very strong emulsifying ability for a variety of silicone oils such as methyl silicone oil, dimethyl silicone oil, etc. It can emulsify various viscosities of silicone oils very easily and form stable oil-in-water emulsions.
3. the emulsified silicone oil used in the production of this product, the product particle size uniformity, good stability.
4. this emulsifier has environmental protection and other characteristics, can be used in the processing and production of export products, is a new high-performance silicone oil emulsifier.
5. Suggested dosage: A# is 10-30% of the amount of silicone oil; B# is 10-30% of the amount of silicone oil












To adjust the curing Acid for chain expansion. Phenolic hydroxy resin varieties and production agent products of the nature of some products with binary carboxylic acid manufacturers are also more, the following list of manufacturers and production varieties.

(1) PH-1 type phenolic hydroxy resin curing agent
Appearance light yellow brittle solid
Softening point 71 ~ 87 ℃
Hydroxyl value 123~135mgKOH/g
Dosage 50% of the mass of epoxy resin
Curing condition 150℃×15min, 180℃×10min, 220℃×3min

PH-1 phenolic hydroxyl resin curing agent is a phenolic hydroxyl resin obtained by the synthesis of binary carboxylic acid, low molecular weight epoxy resin and phenolic hydroxyl compound under the action of catalyst. This curing agent is developed by Anhui Research Institute of Chemical Industry and pe wax density Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd. for epoxy powder coating curing agent. PH-1 phenolic hydroxyl resin curing powder coating formula (color) is shown in Table 4-37; PH-1 phenolic hydroxyl resin curing epoxy powder coating and coating film performance is shown in Table 4-38.


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