Wide format printing ink market is growing faster

2022-01-30   Pageview:266

The report published in April 2016 proves that the wide format printing inks market is growing faster from the wide format printing inks sales data. This is a positive effect on the global market for wide-format printing.

Ron, vice president of sales at Photizo Group, said, “Historically, wide-format printers have been slower to grow in the market from a hardware perspective, but it’s the inks themselves that are driving the growth in the market.”

Revenues for wide-format printing ink suppliers are expected to end 2020 at £1.85 billion, up from £1.7 billion in 2016. And the amount of ink being sent globally in 2020 will rise to 6 million liters from 4.8 million liters in 2015.

A survey of the percentage of ink sales in OEM ink and aftermarkets around the world found that established markets are more inclined to buy a higher percentage of OEM cartridges. iversen said: “Such a change depends on where in the world, if it’s a more developed country they tend to stay with the same ink as the OEM, while in less developed countries more concerned about price, they are more likely to use a higher percentage of aftermarket ink because it’s cheaper.”

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