Precautions for the use of silk yarn

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Silk yarns are generally combined with two spun yarns on a doubling machine (also known as a stitching machine), then twisted on a ring twister to form strands, and then passed through a whole yarn machine with a spacer or an electronic cleaning machine. The winder of the yarn device removes rough defects, and 1 to 2 singeing machines are used to remove the rough particles on the surface of the silk, so that the surface of the silk is clean and the luster is enhanced. Finally, it is shaken and bundled into small packages. The traditional silk spinning uses the method of cutting cotton and circular combing to obtain fine cotton, which is called the circular combing process. The obtained fine cotton has few grains, and the spun silk has a smooth appearance.

Precautions for the use of silk yarn:

1. When washing, hand wash below 30 degrees, and turn it over to wash. If you soak it in water with a few drops of balsamic vinegar, it will be soft and smooth.

2. It is not advisable to use alkaline detergents and soaps when washing. After washing, you should choose a ventilated place to dry in the air to avoid damage to the feel and color of the silk;

3. Wash immediately after sweating;

4. Do not hang clothes on hard metal hooks to prevent damage to the silk surface;

5. When not wearing, mothballs should not be placed, otherwise it will easily become brittle

Polyester hemp-like yarn fabric is one of the most popular fabrics in the international clothing market. It is woven into plain or ribbed weave fabrics with polyester or polyester/viscose strong twisted yarns, which has the dry feel and appearance of hemp fabrics. For example, the thin imitation hemp Molik is not only rough in appearance, dry in hand, but also comfortable and cool to wear. Therefore, it is very suitable for the production of summer shirts and skirts. The imitation linen fabric has rough appearance, clear texture, simple and unadorned fabric style, and the appearance style is comparable to that of woolen natural linen. It has become a commonly used fabric in home textiles such as curtains, sofa seat covers, and pillows.

The use characteristics of graphene yarn:

As a new type of nanomaterial with the thinnest, strongest, and strong electrical and thermal conductivity found so far, graphene is known as “black gold” and is the “king of new materials”. wax emulsion for embroidery yarn Some scientists predict that graphene is likely to set off a sweeping storm The global disruptive new technology and new industrial revolution will “completely change the 21st century”. Based on biomass graphene, Shengquan has successively developed inner warm fibers, inner warm fleece and inner warm olefin materials; super-strong far-infrared, sterilization and bacteriostasis, moisture absorption and perspiration, anti-ultraviolet and anti-static are the main materials for inner heating. Features and performance; Shengquan Group is vigorously developing and applying three major materials: inner warm functional fiber, inner warm fleece, and inner warm olefin hole, to create a big health industry with biomass graphene characteristics.


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