Physical indexes of T1001 anti-emulsifier

2021-12-25   Pageview:323

Appearance: light yellow to dark brown-red liquid
100℃ kinematic viscosity( mm2/s: 14-23
Nitrogen content (%): 0.40-0.65
Flash point (open) ℃: ≥110
Water content (%): ≤0.25
Acid value (mgKOH/g): 60-90
Organic impurities (%): ≤0.05














The reaction mechanism is the same as that of the above-mentioned hydroxy resin trapping agent. Enzymatic soluble phenolic tree is generally liquid, the United States through a special manufacturing process to make resin after use. Linear phenolic resin can also be used as epoxy powder coating curing agent, amine, hexamethylenetetramine, class, etc. can be used as a curing accelerator for this system. Ltd. aldehyde resin curing agent model and specifications are shown in Table 4-53. linear phenolic resin curing epoxy powder coating formulations, lu’an ft wax powder coating oxygen and coating film technical indicators are shown in Table 4-54. linear phenolic resin curing phenolic modified epoxy resin powder coating formulations and coating film properties are shown in Table 4-55 and Table 4-56. produced by Daqing Lu Fine Chemical Co. 969, Amanda 989Amanda 999 is a hydroxyl end group type phenolic resin curing agent. This curing agent is through toughening and expanding the chain, to generate a combination of flexible and rigid chain of modified phenolic resin, can be used with general bisphenol A and phenolic modified epoxy resin, can get high performance of heavy anti-corrosion epoxy powder coatings. These curing agents, Amanda 989, Amanda 999 is a new product based on Amanda 969, which Amanda 989 has excellent flexibility, suitable for the formulation of steel powder coatings; powder coatings formulated with Amanda 999, high crosslink density after film formation, moisture and heat resistance is very good, suitable for the formulation of anti-corrosion powder coatings, these The technical index of curing agent is shown in Table 4-57, and the formula of epoxy powder coating produced by Daqing Lu Fine Chemical Co.

The type and technical index of functional curing agent for powder coating are shown in Table 458, and the curing of single-layer epoxy baking with Amanda 969A.


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