Technical index of OPE wax for textile auxiliaries

2021-12-29   Pageview:270

1, Solid content: 30%-40%.

2, Appearance: light yellow homogeneous liquid.

3, PH value: 8-9.

4, Stability: no delamination, no emulsion breaking, no lumping.

Oxidized polyethylene wax emulsion diluted with water in any ratio does not delaminate, does not break emulsion, does not caking, acid resistance, alkali resistance, hard water resistance, strong water solubility, emulsion stability, long shelf life, high solid content, good dispersion, oxidized polyethylene wax emulsion has good scratch resistance, waterproof, anti-stick anti-fouling, wear resistance, soft, surface lubrication and other properties.











The production process of polyester resin in actual production is as follows.
Polyacid — Polyol — Feeding, Überization, dehydration + carboxylation at one end of the reduced pressure polycondensation —- filtering a cooling —- crushing —- packaging — finished product catalyst

In the synthesis process of polyester resin, in order to speed up the reaction, save energy consumption, and make the reaction complete, generally add catalysts. Adding curing reaction accelerator makes the powder coating in the curing reaction to speed up the film-forming speed and reduce the curing temperature; adding antioxidant can improve the resin color; adding brightening agent can improve the gloss of the coating film.

In the degradation reaction, metal carboxylate compounds are generally used, the dosage is 0.15%; in the carboxylation reaction, metal tin organic compounds are generally used, boat wax with ptfe the dosage is 0.04%~0.05%; curing reaction promoter is generally used imidazole or quaternary ammonium salts; antioxidants are generally used phosphite esters or hindered phenols, etc.

The generated resin product is colorless or light yellow transparent solid, softening point is 95~115℃, acid value is 68~80mgKOH/g, glass transition temperature (T, ) is greater than 50℃, this kind of resin is suitable for preparing polyester resin/epoxy resin=50/50 (mass ratio) powder coating; if the amount of polyester resin is greater than epoxy resin, the acid value of polyester resin should be lower than this range; and Polyester resin dosage is less than epoxy resin, polyester resin acid value should be higher than this value range, this polyester resin formulated epoxy – polyester powder coating high cost, no industrial application of practical significance. Due to the source of raw materials, prices and product performance requirements of a variety of factors, epoxy-polyester powder coatings with polyester resin formulations of raw material composition is also changing, there are significant differences in the composition of the formulations between different companies. In the basic formulation, the amount of trimellitic anhydride is now reduced, and most of the trimethylolpropane with trifunctional group is used to replace part of trimellitic anhydride.


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