Water-based waxes for daily life applications

2021-07-01   Pageview:826

Water-based wax emulsion, a water-based additive, is suitable for a wide range of industries such as water-based inks, varnishes, water-based wood finishes, architectural coatings, leather, textiles, flooring, etc. It is a widely applicable additive. Water-based waxes are used as auxiliaries in coatings, and their dosage is generally not higher than 10% of the system. However, there are some practical applications using the properties of wax, with water-based wax as the main raw material for daily life.

Wax emulsion application range:

1, Wax emulsion for water-based coatings: water resistance, high lightening, sticky stain resistance, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, hardening, smooth feel, high temperature anti-adhesion, fullness.
2, Wax emulsion for water-based ink: waterproof, lightening, slip, wear-resisting, anti-adhesive.
3, Wax emulsion for water-based wood paint: water resistance, high temperature anti-adhesive, lightening, anti-scratch, openness, feel agent.
4, Wax emulsion for water-based varnish: waterproof, high gloss, slip, anti-adhesive, wear-resisting, anti-scratch.
5, Wax emulsion for leather finishing: high gloss enhancement, natural light, waterproof, wax emulsion, feel agent.
6, Wax emulsion for car wax: high lightening, waterproof, high temperature resistance, anti-fouling.
7, Wax emulsion for floor wax: lightening, hardening, waterproof, anti-scratch and wear-resisting.
8, Wax emulsion for leather and furniture care: varnish, maintenance, dustproof, hand feel.

Water-based wax additive as a textile auxiliary has an indispensable and important role in improving the quality and added value of textile products. It can not only give textiles various special functions and styles, such as soft, anti-wrinkle, anti-shrink, waterproof, anti-bacterial, anti-static, flame retardant, etc., but also improve the dyeing and finishing process, play a role in saving energy and reducing processing costs.


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