What is the role of adding wax emulsion to conductive ink system?

2022-03-27   Pageview:513

Electric ink, also known as conductive glue, conductive silver paste, commonly known as paste ink, is dispersed in the bonding material (mainly synthetic resin, photosensitive The paste ink made from resin, low-melting plexiglass, etc.) has a certain degree of conductivity. It is printed on non-conductive substrates as printed conductive dots or conductive lines, so that it can conduct current and eliminate accumulated static charges. Ability ink.

In the conductive ink formulation, in addition to conductive powder, emulsion, defoamer, wetting agent, etc., there will also be water-based wax emulsion, and the water-based wax emulsion in ink system can mainly give the paint film a plump hand, anti-blocking, and enhance the paint film. High hardness and scratch resistance, high temperature resistance of more than 100 degrees, and will not affect the resistivity and conductivity of the conductive ink during use.

Various low-molecular and high-melting wax powders or wax emulsions are often added to the formulations of water-based ink coatings. The main purpose is to improve the thermal transfer process so that the coating surface has a plump hand, wear resistance and scratch resistance. Degassing and texture effects.

Because in the water-based ink system, the wax molecules can play a bonding effect, and the wax molecules can be adsorbed on the ink filler particles, and can be transferred to the top layer of the coating to prevent the coating from sticking and sticking back, and It will not affect the overall leveling of the water-based ink, and solve the problems of pinholes and craters on the surface of the paint coating.


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