How to increase the abrasion resistance of varnish?

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Water-based varnish is a special coating system using special organosilicon modified overlay material. It has transparent coating, high adhesion, and anti-permeability, yellowing resistance and durable function, non-toxic and environmental protection.

Metal overpaint: It is specially designed to match with solvent-based metal overpaint. It is suitable for painting indoor and outdoor concrete and walls. It can also be used as the top coat of anti-corrosion coating system.

Exterior transparent varnish: It is a transparent, non-yellowing, UV and chemical resistant varnish. Uses: High gloss and high gloss retention, can be used on various wear surfaces for decorative and protective purposes. Advantages: high gloss retention, non-yellowing; high abrasion resistance, resistant to a variety of chemical corrosion, tile-like surface, effective dustproof and anti-fouling. It is mainly used for the surface varnish of medium and high-grade cars, luxury buses, station wagons and other high-grade vehicles.

Water-soluble varnish: strong adhesion to metal and plating and anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion ability, curing to form a transparent, bright, wear-resistant and tough plating surface, insoluble in water, acid and alkali resistant solid protective film, with anti-fingerprint, anti-temperature, moisture, acid, alkali performance. And can resist high temperature.

Tianshi water-based paint wax emulsion is suitable for water-based furniture paint, water-based toy paint, water-based solid wood furniture paint, water-based panel furniture paint, water-based top coat, water-based glossy paint, etc. It improves water resistance, anti-adhesion, wear resistance, scratch resistance, hand feeling, smoothness, clarity, etc.

  Advantages of water-based wood paint wax emulsion

* Wear-resistant, impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant, effective protection of furniture, so that you can use at ease.

*Good toughness, the paint film will not be white when it is hit or scratched, and it is easy to repair after it is broken.

*Very low odor, high environmental protection, can move in while construction, effectively protect the home environment.


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