Can Polyene Micronized Wax Be Used In Baking Paint?

2022-10-31   Pageview:419

Can Polyene Micronized Wax be used in stoving varnish? Polyene wax as a matting agent, it is suitable for acrylic paint, alkyd paint, nitro paint and polyurethane paint, industrial production stoving paint, vinyl paint and wall paint. The key functions of polyene wax in water-soluble resin polyurethane coatings are: extinction, anti-settling, thixotropy, excellent wetting and process performance, and precise positioning of metal materials.

The effect of adding polyene wax powder to baking paint: high temperature should be prevented in the coating added with polyene wax powder, because polyene wax will melt in organic solvent at high temperature, and dissolve in water cooling, resulting in very large particles. The efficacy of polyethylene wax depends on some of the following factors: the type, specification and model of the polyethylene wax, the particle size of the final particles produced, the working ability to transfer to the surface of the coating and the composition of the coating, the characteristics of the coated sheet, the construction application methods, etc. As this modifier, polyene wax is not only used in organic solvent-based coatings and printing inks, but also used in water-based paints and printing inks.

Characteristics and efficacy of polyene wax:
1. Excellent extinction
When used in matting coatings, the amount of sio2 used is within the same range as that of sio2, which has a reasonable matting effect. The size of the matting efficacy is the particle size of the dispersed polyene wax and the working ability to transfer to the surface of the paint layer. As a matting agent, its outstanding advantages are also: excellent clarity, smoothness, mild appearance, organic chemical plasticity, stability, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, stain resistance.
2. Anti-scratch, wear-resistant, anti-polishing, anti-imprinting
One of the factors to improve anti-friction and anti-scratch is to reduce the frictional resistance of the coating surface, so that when the block touches the coating surface, the drag tends to exceed the scratching tendency. The effect of this polyene wax is similar to methyl silicone oil. The difference is that the former one exists on the surface of the coating in the form of finely dispersed particles.
3. Anti-adhesion
Some steel parts, such as black parts or metal materials, usually need to be stacked in a short period of time after polyurethane coating. The development of printing technology also stipulates that printing inks prevent the rubbing of publicity materials. Polyene wax can avoid sticking and smearing caused by the accumulation and overlap of production and promotional materials.
4. Anti-settling, anti-sag, thixotropy. Precise positioning of metal material paste. Polyene wax is dispersed in alicyclic and alicyclic organic solvents, which can improve the anti-settling properties of coatings and printing inks. It also shows different levels of thixotropy, sag resistance and its color paste for metal materials. precise positioning.


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