Application of waxes in Polishes

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The main component of polish is wax, which is applied to the surface of the paint film of leather parts, shoes, furniture, floors, cars and equipment, mainly to play the role of decontamination, polishing and protection, there are varieties of leather shoe polish, floor wax, car wax and so on.

Varnish usually requires several suitable waxes and other additives in a suitable proportion to blend together to achieve the desired effect. The low melting point soft waxes in polish have poor oil absorption and brightness, and cannot be used as the main raw material of wax for polish, but they have excellent adhesion, and adding a certain amount can change the flexibility and spreading effect. High melting point, high gloss hard wax is the key ingredient for polish, which plays a bright role in polish. High melting point Fischer-Tropsch wax has high hardness, good brightness and small needle penetration, which is suitable as refined hard wax for polish products.

Shoe polish is a leather polish and protective agent applied to the surface of leather shoes and leather parts, which not only cleans the leather and increases its surface luster, but also protects the leather from less wear. Types of shoe polish are solvent-based hard paste, emulsified soft paste and liquid type, the first two are traditional products, liquid shoe polish is currently more popular on the market because it has the characteristics of do not rub since the bright, easy to carry, etc.

Wooden flooring because of the beautiful natural, easy processing, good insulation, by now many home decoration, but wooden flooring but there is easy corrosion, easy insects and other defects. Therefore, many businesses launched a floor polish protector, according to the form of different, can be divided into solid floor polish and liquid floor polish. Solid floor polish is a paste or solvent-free polish, and liquid polish can form a shiny surface layer directly after drying. The main function of floor polish protector is to prevent water, water vapor and air from penetrating into the floor, to protect the floor and reduce wear and tear, and after wiping on the floor, the film left behind can produce a shine.

Car polish wax is mainly used for car “detailing”. The main component of car exterior paint is acrylic or polyurethane paint, and the pollution of sulfide, acid mist, acid rain, salt spray hydrocarbons and dust in the air has a great impact on the surface paint, so it needs to be cleaned, polished and protected regularly. The traditional process is to clean first, then wax and polish, which has the disadvantages of more wax, high labor intensity, slow polishing speed and poor gloss. The current market demand is both cleaning, varnishing, protection of multi-functional cleaning polish, divided into solvent, water emulsification type, semi-solid and other types. The active ingredients of cleaning polish consist of abrasive, straight-chain and branched-chain aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent, wax, silicone, water, surfactant, stabilizer, etc.


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