Usage of CERAFAK 110 Wax Dispersion

2021-12-08   Pageview:347

The wax additive BYK CERAFAK 110 must be homogeneously dissolved in a dissolver (4 m/s) prior to use and then added to the binder solution while stirring. With CAB systems, the CAB solution must first be incorporated homogeneously in the binder solution at high shear (> 5 m/s) prior to stirring the wax additive, effect pigment slurry and solvent can be added under stirring conditions.














General anti-crater additives and hammer grain additives have extremely low surface tension and poor compatibility with various systems. Therefore, in addition to the test Pay attention to the installation environment, otherwise it is easy to cause secondary pollution. At that time, the amount of anti-crater additives must be increased repeatedly, which will lead to a vicious circle. Of course, in order to solve the problem of shrinkage, unless the coating environment, drying tunnel and the completeness of the substrate pretreatment are considered, this kind of anti-crater additives is the most economical, fastest and most effective aid to prevent and solve problems. Agent.

Addition, synergy
Generally, solvent-free epoxy systems, such as floor paints, are difficult to obtain a smooth and bubble-free coating film due to the thick and high viscosity of the coating film. Usually when selecting a leveling agent, it is necessary to select a leveling agent with low foam stabilization (such as Deqian Level ol 495 polymer type leveling agent), which can not only play a leveling effect, but also has a certain function of helping to inhibit foam. Correspondingly, the defoamer to be matched is easy to choose, and the amount of defoamer added can be reduced. In addition, it is like a wetting and dispersing agent that can control flocculation and prevent the floating and blooming of multi-color pigments. Since it has multiple functional groups on the same molecular structure, it can absorb multiple pigment particles at the same time to achieve a certain degree of thickening. The anti-settling effect can be reduced accordingly.


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