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MÜNZING, founded in 1830, is a professional additive manufacturer. Its main products include water-based additives, wax powders and wax emulsions, additives for metal working fluids, etc. It has branches in more than 40 countries around the world. , equipped with an experienced R&D and technical service team. Based on a wide range of special wax products, MÜNZING’s technical service work is able to provide solutions that excel in customer technical performance and product value.

CERETAN® – Micronized Waxes

CERETAN® – Micronized Wax, Micronized Wax is mainly micronized by advanced spraying process. Its round particles and smooth surface are easily dispersed and wetted, and the amount of wax added and dust during operation are also effectively reduced. And ensure excellent D99 particle value and minimize large particle size in the system.

CERETAN® – Surface Modified Micronized Wax

CERETAN® – Coated Micronized & Non-Micronized Waxes

LUBA-print ®, LUBRANIL ®, WÜKONIL ®, SÜDRANOL ® and WÜKOSEAL ® – wax emulsions and wax dispersions

MÜNZING’s high-quality wax dispersions are suitable for all customers who focus on emulsion or dispersion wax additive systems. Ease of joining and dust-free operation are its greatest advantages. ptfe emulsion for paint in india

Aqueous Dispersion & Emulsion

About Mingling

Additive Value Since 1830
1960: Joint venture with NOPCO
2008: Acquired HE XION liquid defoamer business
2009: Acquisition of German L.P. Bader
2010: Started production in China
2013: Acquisition of Magrabar USA
2011: Acquired German company DEURE X Micropowder Technology
2018: Acquisition of wax emulsion producer Süddeutsche


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