What is the role of white mist wax?

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White mist wax is a kind of wax emulsion with strong covering effect, the dry film formed after coating is not only matte, but also the surface of the film is white, the effect is similar to white paint, with excellent covering property, without showing the bottom color, but compared with the film formed by polyurethane and acrylic emulsion, the wax film is easy to be brittle, resulting in slightly poor adhesion, flexibility and water resistance.

Q: What are the models of water-based white mist wax emulsion for leather?
A: Tanshi wax OE-6901 and OE-6901a models are recommended.
Q: Do you have suitable products to recommend for this piece of mist feeling?
A. Recommend Fischer-Tropsch wax or Fischer-Tropsch wax emulsion, applied to leather fog sense with good effect.

White mist wax also has the characteristics that polymer film-forming emulsions do not have.

1, The waxes are all hard waxes, with throwability, remarkable surface style and obvious wax feeling.

2, When the heat condition is higher than the melting point of wax itself (201W-120℃/202W-84℃), the film will become transparent and shiny, thus completely losing the covering effect.

 White fog wax role

Fog wax leather, also known as rubbing wax leather, from the cowhide surface attached to a thin layer of fog wax such as white frost, leather fibers are tight, the effect of the old coating is strong, is a kind of cattle hide can be raised. Such as mo like rubbing, leather surface wax is rubbed in different degrees, forming different shades of color and brightness, showing unique characteristics and aura.

Like faceting like grinding, the wax on the leather surface slowly penetrates, the original color of the leather gradually reveals, and the wax can also form a natural protection for the leather surface, finally presenting the texture of pulp. Tianshi liquid wax, easy to add, used in leather discoloration effect is obvious, water-based white mist wax, also known as matte white wax, matte white wax dry film is not only matte, and the surface of the dry film showing white, with a strong covering, do not reveal the underlying color.


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