The difference between wax pulp and wax emulsion

2021-05-07   Pageview:652

The main difference between wax pulp and wax emulsion is the particle size, while the particle size determines the difference in its application areas. Wax pulp is a wax dispersion developed for aqueous systems, which can significantly improve the surface anti-wear properties of water-based inks, varnishes and improve the wear resistance, slip and anti-adhesion.

The main applications of wax pulp are: water-based ink, water-based varnish, leather finishing agent, textile printing paste, water-based wood paint, water-based emulsion paint etc.

The main characteristics of the wax pulps are:
1, The use of harder high-density polyethylene wax supplemented by the wax of medium hardness as a material for compounding, unique emulsification equipment, technology.

2, The stability of the pulp is very easy to disperse, very convenient for ink and other industrial applications.

3, The wax pulp has very good slip and gloss as well as anti-adhesive properties.

4, Since the wax pulp is alkaline, so if it is to be applied to acidic system, it is recommended to use it after dilution with deionized water.

The advantages of wax emulsions are easy to use, a wide range of choices, and support customized. The disadvantage is that the matching relationship with the ph value and ionicity of the water-based resin system should be fully considered, as well as the shelf life of the wax emulsion and the high and low temperature resistance for storage and transportation.

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