Application of water-based wax in varnish system

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Wax emulsion is a very important component in water-based varnish system. The wax emulsion types mainly include paraffin wax emulsion and polyethylene wax emulsion, which can effectively improve the abrasion resistance of water-based varnishes, prevent adhesion, and give printed products a skin texture and feel.

Water-based wax application: water-based varnish, water-based ink.

Water-based wax effect: anti-scratch, anti-blocking, abrasion resistance, non-slip or slip-increasing, improve gloss, matting, water repellency.

Water-based wax principle: Choose a reasonable water-based wax product and water-based resin additives, etc. During the drying process, wax particles migrate to the coating surface due to floating effect, spherical axis effect, etc., forming a wax layer to produce scratch resistance, anti-blocking and Other effects.

Water-based wax emulsion, as an additive of water-based ink, can improve the surface properties of water-based ink after film formation, and endow the ink with better abrasion and scratch resistance. Wax emulsion can also be used as a matting agent and has a good matting effect.

Adding wax emulsion to the ink, and the wax particles in the stirring process migrate to the surface of the ink coating, which changes the properties of the coating surface (reflection, refraction and scattering of light, and changes in the friction coefficient of the coating. The change in surface hardness and mechanical properties of the layer), thereby affecting the gloss (increasing gloss or reducing gloss), hand feeling (smooth, oily and astringent), corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, adhesion, etc.

Wax emulsions are used in high gloss systems, such as various varnishes. Its primary requirement is not to affect the transparency and gloss of the system. The particle size of the wax emulsion is required to be less than 0.2 μm.

Water-based Polyethylene Wax PEW-0512 Name: Water-based PE Wax Model Number: PEW-0512 Chemical Composition: Polyethylene Wax

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