Application of cracked polypropylene wax in filler masterbatch

2022-03-02   Pageview:293

Polypropylene wax, because of its side methyl group, its oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance is not as good as the cracked polyethylene wax with a small amount of branched chain! However, the use temperature and hardness of polypropylene wax are higher than that of polyethylene wax, which is incomparable with polyethylene wax. Cracking polypropylene wax is also a special material that is often used in our formula design. I recommend it to everyone!

Physical properties of cracked polypropylene wax:

Appearance: white powder

Viscosity (CPS@140℃): 2000CPS

Melting point: 160℃

The main application of polypropylene wax:

ØConcentrated color masterbatch and filler masterbatch

Ø PVC profile/pipe/composite stabilizer

Ø Wax products

Ø Ink

Ø Hot melt products

Ø Cable material

Ø Rubber, cosmetic, injection molding

Ø Asphalt modified, non-curing waterproof coating

The original package of granule cracking wax, without adding any inferior components, is suitable for high-end inorganic filling and color masterbatch industries, hygienic food materials and industries with high melting point requirements. It has high temperature resistance, increases fluidity and dispersibility, reduces the dispersion  problems of product crystal point, white point, blocking net, static electricity, etc., and increases the melting point and softening point attachment point.

Application of cracked polypropylene wax in filler masterbatch , please feel free to contact us.


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