Application of wax parameters for powder coatings

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The powder coating hardening wax micropowder has good smoothness and scratch resistance, reduces the friction coefficient on the surface of the paint film, and has good compatibility and easy dispersion. Provides the following properties and advantages in coatings: Low coefficient of friction makes the paint film very slippery; Increased hardness, good scratch resistance and abrasion resistance; Good metal scratch resistance.

Applications: Can and Coil Coatings; Powder and Industrial Coatings; Wood Finishes and UV-Cure Coatings; Overcoats, Embossing Inks; Binder Systems: Acrylic, Alkyd, Polyurethane, Nitro Topcoats, Rings Oxygen, polyester, epoxy/polyester hybrid powder coating.

The role of wax micropowder in powder coatings:

1. Anti-friction: In most cases, the wax powder particles will protrude on the surface of the paint film and become the contact point of surface friction, thereby protecting the real paint film and reducing the damage of friction to the paint film. Therefore, wax powder The slipperiness and anti-friction performance of the wax are interrelated, but the low coefficient of friction wax does not necessarily give good wear performance. The hardness and particle size of the wax are important factors affecting the wear resistance, and the harder polyethylene wax usually Better than softer ones. Larger particle size is usually better than smaller particle size. However, it should be noted that waxes with large particle size have more pronounced matting properties.

2. Improve slippage: The control of slippage is an important task for coating performance control. Both soft polyethylene wax and hard polyethylene wax can reduce the friction coefficient of the coating and form a lubricating layer, thereby reducing the friction of the coating. coefficient.

3. Anti-blocking property: When the two surfaces are close to each other, especially in the case of heat and extrusion, the paint film is easy to stick together. In addition to improving the slippage of the coating, polyethylene wax can also improve the anti-blocking performance.

4. Rheology control: Polyethylene wax can form a gel structure in solvent-based paints, which is beneficial to stabilize pigment dispersion and prevent sagging.

5. Gloss control: At low concentration, polyethylene wax has little effect on the gloss of the coating. At high concentration, it can be used alone or together with matting powder as a matting agent. Compared with silica-based products alone. Wax powder provides a warmer tone and doesn’t settle easily.

Recommended models of tianshiwax: PEW-0620F, PEW-0390, PEW-0320, PEW-0655F.


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