Carnauba Wax—Multifunctional Natural Wax

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Carnauba wax is one of the oldest natural raw materials used by humans, and its use dates back to ancient Egypt. Carnauba wax is a unique Brazilian vegetable wax extracted and isolated from the leaves of Carnauba. It is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, automobile industry, leather industry, household wood industry and other fields. The global production of carnauba wax is about 15,000 tons per year; the vast majority of production comes from the two states of Piauí and Ceará in the northeastern region of Brazil.

The annual harvest season of carnauba wax is from August to January; Brazilians use traditional methods to select, harvest, dry, beat and remove wax from carnauba leaves; they are melted, filtered, extracted, and shaped according to the process in the factory. Wax blocks, wax flakes, round granules and spray-dried powders. The leaf buds of carnauba wax leaves are made into T1 grade carnauba wax; the fully mature leaves are made into T3 grade carnauba wax.

As carnauba wax with relatively high hardness and melting point (80-88 degrees) among natural vegetable waxes, glazing is widely used as its main function in the following fields:

* Car wax, floor wax, furniture wax varnish, shoe polish and leather varnish: use carnauba wax T3 grade; carnauba wax can form a glossy and translucent film on the surface of the product, which is easy to polish and has a stable and lasting gloss.

* Cosmetics (such as lipstick, hair wax, eyebrow pencil, body lotion): use carnauba wax T1 and T3 grades; the high melting point hardness of carnauba wax plays a good role in the shape and gloss of the lipstick, and the high melting point can improve the lipstick The paste is heat resistant and maintains a dazzling luster for a long time; the carnauba wax used in the emulsion cream can bring a transparent luster to the skin and has good ductility.

* For precision casting in chemical industry: mostly use carnauba wax T3 grade, which is equivalent to release agent.

* For ink: use more carnauba wax T3 grade, showing a bright and refreshing use effect.

* Used for polishing candy and pharmaceutical tablet products: mostly use carnauba wax T1+T3 grade, easy to operate, lasting and beautiful gloss, it is an ideal choice for polishing candy and pharmaceutical tablets.


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