Polyester wax for TPU release agent

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TPU release agent ingredients
As a TPU mold release agent, to solve the TPU injection molding sticking phenomenon, using polyester wax as a TPU injection mold release agent can give a very good mold release effect without migration.

In addition, ADDIMER® 697 calcium saponified polyester wax has excellent performance in TPU granulation, TPU shoe sole, TPU mobile phone case and other non-transparent TPU products extrusion, as well as in granulation or finished product injection molding. ADDIMER® 697 can quickly increase the production efficiency by 30% with a very low addition amount – two to three thousandths, without precipitation, without affecting post-printing, and with low cost.

Product nickname: TPU granulation release agent, TPU shoe sole release agent, TPU mobile phone shell extrusion release agent

Model: 691
Appearance: white particles
Density (23℃):
Dropping point: 73 ℃
Viscosity (120℃): 130mPa·s
Penetration: (25℃): 1-2mm·10¯-1
Acid value: 10 mg KOH/g
Model: 694
Appearance: white particles
Density (23℃):
Dropping point: 70 ℃
Viscosity (120℃): 170mPa·s
Penetration: (25℃): 1-2mm·10¯-1
Acid value: 19 mg KOH/g

Model: 697
Appearance: yellow snowflake
Density (23℃):
Dropping point: 90 ℃
Melt viscosity (120℃): 140mPa·s
Penetration: (25℃): 3 mm 10¯-1
Acid value: 5 mg KOH/g

Advantages of TPU release agent
Extensive lubrication

Improve fluidity (internal and external lubrication)

release effect

high melt strength

Dimensional stability

low volatility

not agglomerated

Compatibility/Molecular Weight

Surface properties (smooth, glossy, no precipitation)

TPU release agent application
Application in TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane):

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is very viscous immediately after processing. As a result, injection molding is difficult to demold and stack up. Using 69 polyester wax gives very good release effect without migration.

Application in thermosetting plastics:

Thermoset plastics require lubricants and mold release agents during production and processing. These articles must exactly match each other.

TPU release agent effectively solves the phenomenon of TPU injection molding sticking
How to prevent TPU injection molding from sticking to the mold?

691, 693 and 694 polyester waxes have very long non-polar carbon chains with very strongly polar centers. In its structure, the part that is compatible with plastic in polarity plays the role of internal lubrication, and the part that is incompatible with plastic in polarity plays the role of external lubrication and demoulding. It is particularly used in plastic lubricating and demoulding.

The TPU release agent combines with the internal lubricant with a strong release effect, providing a larger allowable range in operation. They neither plasticize nor migrate.


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