The effect of PE wax viscosity on PVC plasticization

2022-01-17   Pageview:272

PE wax has low viscosity, high softening point, good hardness and other properties, non-toxic, good thermal stability, low volatility at high temperature, dispersion of pigments, both excellent external lubricity and strong internal lubrication, can improve the production efficiency of plastic processing, good moisture resistance at room temperature, strong chemical resistance, excellent electrical properties, can improve the appearance of finished products.

1, when the amount of PE wax is 0.1, PVC pipe performance qualified, but the surface brightness is poor.

2, when the amount of PE wax is increased to 0.2, the material extrusion plasticization is good, PVC pipe performance qualified, the surface is brighter.

3, when the amount of PE wax continues to increase to 0.4 parts, the material plasticization is poor, the melt strength is poor, traction difficulties, the pipe performance is not qualified. This is because the amount of lubricant is too much, the formation of a layer of isolation film between the material and the barrel, the molten material and equipment will slip, the material does not get the shear force required for plasticization, plasticization is not enough, resulting in PVC pipe performance is not qualified, the surface brightness decline.

 How to improve the plasticization of pvc?

1, by increasing the temperature of the machine body and screw.

2, Increase the feeding speed of feeder to improve the plasticization degree when the screw speed is normal

3, Increase the speed of the extruder when the rated speed of the extruder and the feeder is satisfied.

4, Give the dry powder a good maturation period (12-48h)

PE wax in PVC profiles, in the primary stage of extrusion, these products stay longer in the PVC material to promote the dispersion of each material in the formulation and make the mixture more uniform. In the later stages of extrusion, it migrates to the surface between the material and the metal, exhibiting external lubricity. Thus, it has good metal stripping property and good mold release. Because of its high viscosity, high crystallinity and acidity (7 to 30) has a very obvious promotion effect on plasticization, it is very suitable for PVC profiles, and a very small amount of addition can promote plasticization very well.


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