The role of wax emulsions in varnishes

2022-03-09   Pageview:521

How does wax emulsion in varnish improve the performance of water-based varnish paint film? How do affect anti-stick, scratch resistance and gloss?

1. Influence of wax emulsion on abrasion resistance of coating film

In order to make the wrapping paper meet the high-speed glazing of the machine and the wear and tear in the turnover of the packaged goods, the glazing oil should have sufficient toughness and wear resistance, which is generally achieved by adding wax to the glazing oil. After wax emulsion, the wear amount of the coating film is significantly reduced. This is because the wax protective layer formed on the surface of the coating film can improve the slipperiness of the paper and reduce the friction coefficient, so that when the object touches the coating surface, the sliding tendency is greater than the scratching tendency. , thereby improving the wear resistance of the printed matter.

2. Influence of wax emulsion on water absorption of coating film

When glazing oil is used for glazing on packaging paper, it is possible to withstand rain and water immersion during transportation and use, which requires the varnish product to have better water resistance. Wax emulsions are widely used in waterproofing systems due to their low surface energy after film formation and good hydrophobicity.

Paraffin wax emulsion can significantly improve the water absorption of the coating film. Due to the n-alkane structure of paraffin, it has good hydrophobicity. When water droplets drop on the surface of the paper, spherical water droplets will be formed, that is, lotus leaf effect It cannot be stably adsorbed on the surface of the coating, as long as it is tilted at a small angle, it can slide off, thus achieving the waterproof effect.

3. Influence of wax emulsion on gloss of coating film

The addition of wax emulsion will affect the gloss of the coating film. Different wax emulsions will have different degrees of total reflection or diffuse reflection after being irradiated by light due to different particle sizes and particle size distributions, which will also have different effects on the gloss of the coating film. Impact.

In summary, as a functional additive to improve the performance of the coating film, wax emulsion is added to the varnish to mainly improve the abrasion resistance of the coating film, and also affect the gloss and water absorption of the coating film.


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