Can Wax Powder Be Used In Water-based Paint?

2022-12-06   Pageview:274

Can wax powder be used in water-based paint? It has become a general trend for water-based coatings to replace solvent-based coatings in many fields. As an important additive, wax-based materials are widely used in this field in various ways because of their unique properties and functions. It affects many performance changes of waterborne coating products.

1. Anti-adhesion
Adhesion mainly refers to the adhesion between the coating films when the coating is not completely dry, and the adhesion between the coating film and external substances (such as dust in the atmosphere). Such as high-speed printing in the water-based printing industry, textile printing paste, water-based plastic ink, etc.
Wax particles are suspended in the coating in the form of solid particles, and float to the surface of the coating film during the drying process to form isolation and play a good anti-sticking effect. Through practice, the particle size of wax particles, degree of polarity, compatibility of emulsification system, wax particle density and other factors all have an impact on the anti-sticking property of the system. We have found in practice that low melting point waxes sometimes have better anti-stick effects than high melting point waxes.
2. The change of surface friction coefficient
The abrasion resistance and scratch resistance of the coating film are related to the surface friction coefficient. Hard waxes such as polyvinyl wax can reduce the friction coefficient of the coating surface, so that when the object touches the coating surface, the tendency of sliding is greater than the tendency of scratching. Such as printing inks, wood lacquers, etc., require a low coefficient of friction on the surface of the coating to resolve external impacts and prevent scratches. Polyethylene waxes; Fischer-Tropsch waxes and even Teflon waxes are good choices.

However, some fields require both coating protection and do not want the coefficient of friction to be too low. For example, in the packaging industry, if the packaging cartons are too smooth, they may not be stacked firmly and will be stacked upside down; for example, the flooring industry requires both anti-friction and not too slippery to prevent people from slipping.


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