How to increase the waterproof effect of water-based paint?

2022-03-09   Pageview:578

Anti-stick wax emulsion OE-6108 is a high-tech product produced by using a new type of emulsification technology with fatty acid and natural wax as the main raw materials. This product is widely used in the manufacture of leather finishing agents, water-based inks, water-based paints, water-based paints, glazing agents (self-brightening leather shoe polish, leather jacket oil, car wax, floor wax, furniture glazing wax), fruit preservation, and plastics and rubber lubricants.

Physical and chemical indicators
Color: slightly yellow
Content: 30±2%
PH value: average
Particle diameter: < micron

Product performance:
1. Storage stability: >6 months;
2. Appearance: light yellow to tan transparent homogeneous liquid;
3. Dispersibility: Diluted with water in any proportion, it should be used up as soon as possible after dilution

Scope of application:
1. For water-based coatings: water resistance, high gloss, stain resistance, scratch resistance, wear resistance, hardening, smooth hand feel, high temperature anti-adhesion, fullness;
2. For water-based ink: waterproof, brightening, slippery, wear-resistant, anti-adhesion;
3. For water-based wood paint: water resistance, high temperature anti-sticking, brightening, scratch resistance, openness, feel agent;
4. For water-based varnish: waterproof, high gloss, slip, anti-adhesion, wear-resistant, anti-scratch;
5. For leather finishing: high gloss, natural light, waterproof, wax emulsion, feel agent;
6. Used for car wax water: high gloss, waterproof, high temperature resistance, antifouling;
7. For floor wax: brightening, hardening, waterproof, anti-scratch, wear-resistant;
8. For leather and furniture care: glazing, maintenance, dustproof, feel.


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