An important part of latex gloves – wax additives

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Types of Latex Gloves

In the sales market, there are many types of disposable gloves, and the key materials include nitrile rubber, natural rubber and polyethylene. The wax emulsion improves the on-site workability and application life of the all-natural and SBR gloves. This advantage usually plays a particularly important role in the quality control of commodities, the safety of actual operating staff, the sanitation conditions on the spot and the safety protection of chemical products.

Natural Rubber Gloves – NR

The latex obtained from pure natural flowers, plants and trees is then subjected to suction filtration and concentration to remove most of the water-based components.

Nitrile Gloves – NBR

Nitrile rubber is a soft and stretchable material that is more puncture and abrasion resistant than latex or methacrylate gloves. It is mainly made of acrylonitrile butadiene, which has good high barrier, durability and compressive strength.

Polyethylene Gloves – PVC

PVC is a cost-effective thermoplastic polymer, which is very durable and durable. PVC gloves provide good safety protection performance, including certain organic chemical exposure and physical damage protection.

Professional hand-held needle punching

The advantages of using wax emulsion

Organic chemical plasticity: does not react with latex

Applicable water management system

Improved ejectability (very easy to release)

Reduces frictional resistance, improves wearability, improves wear resistance in polymer coatings

Decrease in total electron density by creating an insulating layer

Active oxygen embrittlement safety protection

Provides anti-blocking wax to gloves in the package

Definition of Wax

Wax is a large class of organic substances. It is a hydrophilic and plastic solid chemical substance at room temperature. Above the melting point, it is a liquid with high viscosity. It contains high content of ethane and lipid chemicals, and generally does not dissolve water. Therefore, wax has significant harm to many recipes and processing techniques. That is to say, the consumption is not large, wax can have various functions and improve various surface properties, including slip and wettability, abrasion resistance, anti-blocking, mold release, easy wearing, moisture resistance and active oxygen resistance ——This feature is especially important for the production of latex gloves.


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