AEROSOL A-102 emulsifier

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Chemical structure: Disodium succinate alkyl polyoxyethylene ether monoester sulfonate; Disodium ethoxylated alcohol hemisuccinate

CAS No.: 68954 – 91 – 6; Molecular Formula: C26H48O11Na2S (average); Molecular Weight: 614 (average)

FDA status: 21 CFR 178.3400 approved

AEROSOL A-102 is specially designed for use as a primary emulsifier in emulsion polymerization for the preparation of pure C, ethyl C, vinyl C, and benzene C emulsions, and it is also an effective post-addition emulsion stabilizer. Excellent APE-free base emulsifier for acrylic, styrene acrylic, vinyl acrylic and EVA emulsions with good electrolyte and mechanical stability, it is imparted with space and charge stability.














Dosage 4%~5% of epoxy resin mass
Curing condition 180℃×15min or 150℃×25min
The infrared spectrum of the substituted dicyandiamide is shown in Figure 4-4. From the infrared spectrum, it can be seen that 3470~3350cmm~ is the Bur of dicyandiamide. 3106cm-1 is the benzene stretching vibration peak, indicating the presence of benzene ring; 1612cm
1528cm-1 is the respiratory vibration peak of C-C on benzene ring; 1371cm-1 is the characteristic absorption peak of in-plane vibration of methyl symmetry; 1249cm-1 is the aliphatic N a H bending vibration force and C a H stretching vibration coupling peak; 843cm-1, 798cm~1 is the absorption peak of out-of-plane pe wax h109 bending vibration of primary amine N a H; 7722cm-1 is the absorption peak of out-of-plane bending vibration of secondary amine N a H.

3. Dicarboxylic acid dihydrazide
Dicarboxylic acid dihydrazide is a fast curing type! Epoxy powder coating curing agent. Because the actual application of dicarboxylic acid hydrazide is a long aliphatic organic compounds, so the epoxy powder coatings with it as a curing agent, the physical and mechanical properties of the coating film The physical and mechanical properties of the coating film are good in flexibility. This curing agent is used in the epoxy powder coating more varieties. Commonly used varieties are adipic acid dihydrazide, sebacic acid dihydrazide, isophthalic acid dihydrazide, etc. The main one is sebacic acid dihydrazide. The chemical structure formula and performance index of sebacic acid dihydrazide are as follows: sebacic acid dihydrazide curing agent and epoxy resin miscibility is good, if the accelerator is used, curing time can also be greatly reduced. This epoxy powder coating in baking, the coating film is good resistance to yellowing, suitable for the preparation of white or light-colored powder coatings, coating film


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