Cohesa® 8010 Polyethylene Wax Aqueous Dispersion

2022-03-23   Pageview:580

Cohesa® 8010 is a water-based wax dispersion that can be used in water-based flexo or gravure inks and water-based preprint varnishes. It has excellent storage stability and good compatibility with inks or varnishes. It can give water-based ink or varnish the following properties:

wax dispersion in flexo or gravure inks

◎Maintain excellent wear resistance while minimizing the impact on the gloss of ink or varnish;

◎Good scratch resistance and wear resistance;

◎Good smooth performance, little influence on transparency;

◎Excellent thermal storage stability;

◎Can be diluted with alcoholic organic solvent without demulsification.

Honeywell PE WAX has a specific molecular weight and molecular weight distribution and is structurally stable. Its unique structure makes it have excellent lubricating properties, processing flow properties and dispersing properties for pigments and fillers, which can bring excellent surface gloss to plastic processing; Scratch and abrasion resistance make it widely used in plastics, coatings and ink industries.

Product form: white flowing liquid

Packing: 50kg in barrel

Shelf life and storage conditions:
Cohesa® 8010 dispersion should be protected from direct sunlight and low temperatures during storage and transport. It is recommended to store and transport in the environment of 5℃-35℃. It should be stirred evenly before use, and it should be sealed and stored in time after opening the can for sampling. This product can be stored for at least 6 months in the original packaging at 5℃-35℃.


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