Features of water-based wear-resistant wax emulsion 2100

2022-03-23   Pageview:463

Product features of water-based wax emulsion 

Hankins 2100 is a water-based HDPE wax, and it exists as a microdispersion. Hankins 2100 improves the surface properties of water-based inks, printing inks, varnishes and paints.

Recommended use

Hankins 2100 can be applied to:

1. Water-based printing ink/overcoat varnish

2. Wood paint


Hankins 2100 effectively enhances without compromising gloss:

1. Waterproof and hydrophobic;

2. Smoothness and feel;

3. Anti-scratch and abrasion resistance agent;

4. Anti-contamination.

Usage: The dosage is 1-5% of the total formula, and it is added in the post-production stage by stirring.


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