Wax Emulsion in Adhesives AQUACER531/AQUACER535

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BYK has three product lines of water-dispersible wax additives: AQUACER for aqueous wax emulsions, AQUAMAT for aqueous wax dispersions, and HORDAMER for primary wax dispersions.

The production of AQUACER wax emulsion is to add molten wax into hot water and emulsifier to mix and emulsify thoroughly. If the melting point of the wax is higher than 100°C, the emulsification process needs to be carried out under pressure. AQUACER wax emulsions have a particle size of less than 1 micron and can therefore be used in high gloss systems without reducing their gloss.

For adhesives, BYK wax additives ensure that the hot melt adhesive particles remain fluid and do not clump together. Improves surface slip, scratch resistance and anti-blocking properties, and can be used as an anti-blocking agent for hot melt adhesives.


Chemical composition: non-ionic modified polyethylene wax

Typical materialized data:
Non-volatile matter: 45%
carrier: water
Melting point (wax component): 130℃
Viscosity (shear rate = 400/s): 125 mPa.s
PH value: 8

Product features and advantages:
AQUACER 531, as an anti-blocking aid, is used in the underwater pelletizing process of hot melt adhesives to obtain free-flowing and non-blocking granular materials. It can be directly added to cooling water for easy handling and no fugitive dust.

Recommended dosage:
The dosage of the additive is based on the amount of water in the cooling circuit.

AQUACER 535 modified paraffin wax emulsion
Chemical composition: non-ionic modified paraffin wax emulsion

Typical materialized data:
Non-volatile matter: 30%
carrier: water
Melting point (wax component): 105℃
Viscosity (shear rate = 400/s): 25 mPa.s
PH value: 10

Product features and advantages:
The additive has a hydrophobic effect in aqueous systems and improves anti-blocking. It increases surface slip, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and soft touch.

Recommended dosage:
Auxiliary levels are based on formulation.


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