Construction points and process of non-cured rubber asphalt waterproof coating

2022-03-24   Pageview:251

The construction points and process of non-curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating, the non-curing waterproof coating maintains a sticky paste in the application state, and has creep performance to seal the cracks and capillary pores in the base layer, which is suitable for complex construction work surfaces. It does not cure after long-term contact with air, and always maintains the characteristics of viscous gum. It has strong self-healing ability, is sticky when touched, and is difficult to peel off. It still has good bonding performance at -20 °C.

The non-curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating can solve the problems of water-proof layer fracture, flexural fatigue or premature aging under high stress state caused by cracking of the base layer and transmitted to the waterproof layer. At the same time, the viscosity of the creep material enables it to close the capillary pores and cracks of the base layer well, which solves the problem of water channeling of the waterproof layer and greatly improves the waterproof reliability. It can also solve the compatibility problem when the existing waterproof membrane and the waterproof coating are used in combination.

The non-cured rubber asphalt waterproof coating product always maintains a viscous state and does not form a coating film. Even if the base layer is deformed, the waterproof coating has almost no stress transmission, and has always maintained adhesion with the base layer, even if the base layer (concrete) cracks. Rebond. It can be constructed on a wet base surface, and the required thickness can be achieved in one construction, and the next process construction can be carried out without maintenance.

Non-curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating mainly has the following characteristics in construction:

(1) Non-curing waterproof coatings and various waterproofing membranes (including self-adhesive modified asphalt waterproofing membranes, polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membranes, synthetic polymer waterproofing membranes, polyethylene polypropylene waterproofing membranes, etc.) Excellent bonding effect.

(2) The non-curing waterproof coating can be used as a layer of waterproof coating alone, and can also be used as a binder to paste waterproof membranes, and can also be used with various waterproof membranes (including self-adhesive modified asphalt membranes, polymer Modified bitumen waterproof membrane, synthetic polymer membrane, polyethylene polypropylene membrane, etc.) form a composite structure waterproof layer.

(3) The non-curing waterproof coating is bonded with various base layers to form a skin-type waterproof layer, which completely eliminates the occurrence of water channeling.

(4) The non-curing waterproof coating has low requirements on the humidity of the base layer, and can be applied without clear water. It has created excellent favorable conditions for shortening the construction period of basement waterproofing.

(5) Diversity and convenience of construction. During construction, it can be mechanically sprayed or scraped after hot melting, and construction can be carried out as usual in winter or rainy season.

(6) It can also be constructed at low temperature: spraying construction does not limit the minimum construction temperature, and it is an excellent waterproof material for low temperature construction.

(7) Adaptability to structural deformation. Due to the excellent extensibility and adhesion of the material itself, it can well adapt to structural deformation, and the waterproof layer will not be damaged due to structural changes. When it forms the composite waterproof layer together with the coil, the coil layer will not be subjected to stress, which ensures that the entire composite waterproof layer can maintain the integrity for a long time.

The non-curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating is made of rubber, asphalt, softening oil as the main components, mixed with additives and fillers, and is a waterproof coating that maintains a sticky paste during the service life. The most important step in the production process of non-cured rubber asphalt waterproof coating is the modification process of asphalt, and the key lies in the selection of correct additives. Wax additives for SBS and modifiers for non-curing waterproof coatings can effectively improve various properties of coatings.


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