Balance between internal and external lubrication

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Balance between internal vs external lubricant

Simply put, a lubrication system that can economically and continuously produce high-quality products is a balanced system of internal and external lubrication. Specifically, there are the following three points.

(1) The more suitable melt fluidity PVC resin is a strong polar polymer, so the melt viscosity is very high, the fluidity is poor, and it is easily decomposed by heat. Increasing the temperature is conducive to reducing the viscosity, but PVC also requires Molding is done at a lower temperature as much as possible, so by adding internal and external lubricants, the melt viscosity is reduced as much as possible, its fluidity is increased, and the generation of frictional heat is reduced.

(2) More suitable plasticizing time The function of the lubricant is not only to reduce friction and increase the fluidity of the resin, but it also has a very important function, that is, to regulate the plasticizing time.

(3) Satisfactory anti-adhesion Since PVC is a polymer with strong polarity, it has strong adhesion to metal surfaces. However, plastic processing requires the material to have proper adhesion, so that the material does not “slip” to affect the conveying, and does not adhere to the processing equipment.

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