What is polyethylene wax?

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Polyethylene wax, or PE wax, is generally produced by ethylene polymerization, and the molecular weight is controlled to distinguish different product grades. It is also produced by cracking method, and the size of molecular weight is controlled by cracking temperature and pressure.

What is polyethylene wax?
Polyethylene wax is a white powder with an average relative molecular weight of 1500~5000, a relative density of about 0.9 and a softening point of about 100℃~117℃. Due to the large relative molecular weight, high melting point and low volatility at high temperature, it shows obvious lubricating effect at higher temperature and shear rate, and the commonly used amount is 0.1~0.3.

Performance of polyethylene wax

1, High melting drop point, narrow melting range, low viscosity.

2, Pure composition, stable quality, good thermal stability.

3, It can effectively reduce the plasticizing torque, extend the plasticizing time and thermal stability time, and has excellent anti-sticking and demoulding effect.

 Main applications of polyethylene wax

1, Wax for color masterbatch. It is used as internal dispersant in masterbatch processing.

2, Wax for wax products. It can improve the softening point of wax products, increase the strength of wax products so that the surface gloss is good, and when the candle is lit, it burns safely and brightly without black smoke.

3, PVC pipe wax, PVC profile, pipe, plastic molding process for internal lubricant, can improve the toughness of plastic products, make the product surface smooth, high qualification rate.

4, Wax for ink. It can be used as dispersant of ink and paint, and has good anti-sink effect, so that the printed products have good gloss and three-dimensional sense.


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