Application of BDMA in organic synthesis

2021-11-20   Pageview:278

BDMA is mainly used in organic synthesis as catalyst for synthesis of dehydrohalogen in organic drugs, corrosion inhibitor, acid neutralizer, accelerator for embedding in electron microscope section, etc.

















There are a variety of resins on the market that can be used for solvent-based color pastes, but water-based color pastes do not necessarily require resins. The criteria for selecting resins are to consider compatibility with various systems, followed by chemical resistance and weather resistance. In addition to epoxy or polyester used for special purposes, the more commonly used resins are as follows.
Long oil and medium oil alkyd: low price, limited compatibility and chemical resistance.
Aldehyde resin: moderate price, excellent compatibility.
Acrylic resin: medium and high price, excellent compatibility, wax emulsion price best chemical resistance.

The pigment is prepared into a suitable particle size, which can ensure the best hiding power and color strength. During the transportation and storage of the pigment, the primary particles will form flocculation or aggregation. In the production and processing of the pigment, the most important work is to break this structure and restore it to stable fine particles [one, only Only in this way can it achieve good color strength 4.), good color stability [6~8], and avoid pigment precipitation L101. The first stage of dispersion processing is the wetting of liquid to particles, which are mainly composed of solvents and resins. Secondly, the agglomerates are destroyed by mechanical shearing force. The main task of the dispersant is to stabilize the dispersed particles in the primary particles and prevent them from agglomerating again.

The function of the dispersant is to reduce the dispersion time, improve the gloss, enhance the color depth and hiding power, improve the color development, prevent floating and blooming, prevent flocculation, and prevent the sedimentation of pigments and fillers.


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