Is the epoxy coating the higher the viscosity, the better the quality?

2022-04-21   Pageview:306

Many people choose some paints with high viscosity when buying paints, thinking that such paints are really good products, right?

The viscosity of epoxy coatings is mainly determined by three factors:

One is the amount of resin in the coating. If the amount of resin in the coating is too much, the solid content will be high, which will directly lead to an increase in its viscosity. The increase in viscosity caused by this reason is of course beneficial to the user.











The second is to remove the relative molecular mass of the epoxy resin. The relative molecular mass of the epoxy resin used in the epoxy coating for steel drums should be around 3750. Within the range, the price of the high and low relative molecular mass is the same. The higher the relative molecular mass, the higher the viscosity of the coating, but the higher the relative molecular mass, the lower the epoxy group content of the epoxy resin, and the reaction with the phenolic resin will be disproportionate, and the network structure formed after curing will be defective, and its coating adhesion and anti-corrosion performance will be reduced

The third is whether to use thickeners in coatings. In order to meet the user’s opinion that the coating degree of paint is better, thickeners are used in the coatings. clariant teflon wax The use of single thickeners has a great negative impact on its curing reaction, which greatly reduces the anti-corrosion performance of epoxy coatings. Therefore, the epoxy coating for steel drums has high solid content and slightly low viscosity, so that the thickness of the sprayed coating can meet the required requirements.

Most domestic epoxy coatings are general-purpose, and the requirements for anti-corrosion properties are not as strict as steel drum coatings. The real epoxy coating for steel drums has stricter quality and ratio of raw materials such as epoxy resin and phenolic resin and process requirements. If the coatings produced in full accordance with the requirements of epoxy coatings for steel drums have solid content It should be above 35%, and its viscosity should be between 32-40S (coating-4 cups).

To sum up, the thicker the paint is not the better. Within a certain range, the higher the viscosity, the larger the coating rate, but the viscosity has nothing to do with its own quality.


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