Package of 476 anti-mildew agent for coating

2021-10-13   Pageview:493

Packed in 50kg, 100kg closed top plastic drums. Storage period is 24 months at room temperature and avoiding light and moisture. Non-dangerous goods, suitable for regular transportation.












Microorganisms can cause all kinds of problems for water-based coatings. The water-based paint in the packaging will decrease in viscosity, smell, and break the emulsion due to the multiplication of bacteria, which will eventually lead to the scrapping of the water-based paint. Whether it is water-based or solvent-based paint, the paint film will be eroded by mold and algae in the environment, especially under the influence of high temperature and high humidity, which will cause discoloration of the paint film, polymer degradation, etc., and ultimately lose its decoration and protection.

The problem that may occur in the production and storage of coatings is the anti-corrosion problem in the tank, which is a problem caused by bacteria. It must be solved by adding preservatives (in can preservative), environmental purification and strict production management. In the high-humidity production environment of water-based coatings, good environmental sanitation and equipment cleaning are important aspects of anti-corrosion. It is very important to prevent serious bacteria from raw materials, especially water and water-containing raw materials (such as emulsions). However, the use of preservatives in the formulation is absolutely indispensable under any circumstances.

What the user buys is paint, but instead of paint, it uses a coating film, pp wax quality which is the film formed after the paint dries. Only the high-quality coating film firmly attached to the base surface can play a good role in protection and decoration. The coating film has hydrophilic components, has a certain degree of water absorption, and contains microbial nutrients. In a humid and hot environment, it is easy to grow mold and algae. Therefore, for the coating film, there is a problem of dry film fungi-cide and algae prevention, which is mainly solved by adding a dry film fungi-cide/algic ide.


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