How to store water-based glue?

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1. Storage and transportation should be at 0℃~50℃, and avoid sunlight exposure; the molecular structure of glue below 0℃ is easy to change, which will weaken or even fail the glue performance.
2. It is recommended to use it first to avoid expiration. The shelf life is 6 months under normal conditions;
3. The remaining glue must be sealed and stored;
4. Disposal should be in accordance with relevant local laws and regulations.

1. Be sure to choose a suitable model before use;
2. Before the official production, the test must be carried out to confirm that it is suitable before mass production; the replacement of materials during use must be tested first, and then used after confirmation;
3. Pay attention to the material condition before use, such as: surface properties, thickness of ink layer, thickness of varnish, corona value of film, etc. If the material is particularly poor, take remedial measures, such as edging, plasma damage, etc.
4. Glue is active, and its activity varies with temperature. The best activity is at 15°. Therefore, when using glue in winter, it is best to store the glue in an environment of 15°C one day in advance, so that the effect will be better when used. Some.
5. Before putting on the machine, be sure to stir well. The glue will generate water vapor under high temperature conditions, and the water vapor will condense on the lid of the barrel. The water droplets formed by the water vapor after logistics transportation will drip into the glue. When the bucket of new glue is used, the surface of the glue will be thinner, so be sure to stir it well.
6. Do not add water by yourself. If you need to dilute, you should consult our sales staff first;
7. During use, the captain should check the amount of glue in the glue tank and the amount of glue applied to the product at any time; avoid no glue or uneven glue on the product.
8. For more than 20 minutes of shutdown, it is best to pour the glue out of the glue tank, wash and dry the glue tank (it is recommended to dry it with compressed air to avoid residual moisture); if the actual operation is difficult, it is recommended to keep the glue tank fresh The film is wrapped to prevent the glue from contacting the air for a long time, forming a glue crust and affecting the next production.
9. The glued box should have sufficient extrusion time, it is recommended to exceed 20 minutes, so that the two bonding surfaces can fully contact the glue particles; the extrusion time of film-coated products should be extended;
10. There should be sufficient standing time until the water in the glue has completely evaporated and the glue particles will work. It is recommended to leave it for more than 12 hours in summer and more than 24 hours in winter.

Our company’s products are environmentally friendly flake wax suppliers for water-based adhesives based on emulsions.  In order to ensure your use effect at low temperatures, please make sure that the corona value of the film surface is greater than or equal to 34. Otherwise, please perform plasma treatment on the bonding surface (film). , so that it can be used after reaching a certain polarity, to avoid opening the box after storage due to the low corona value of the film in a low temperature state.


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