Water-based adhesive multifunctional additive NCP2

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Product features:

Lexomer NCP-2 is a nonvolatile, low viscosity polymer additive. The product is an environmentally friendly additive, colorless and odorless, and can be used in vinegar-acrylic, pure-acrylic and styrene-acrylic emulsions to impart excellent viscosity and adhesion to substrates. Due to its unique chemical structure, Lexomer NCP-2 is highly resistant to hydrolysis, freezing and hydrophobicity.

Application Features:

Lexomer NCP-2 has good compatibility with acrylic resin, acrylic resin, pure acrylic and styrene-acrylic emulsion, homopolyacrylate, modified acrylate and VAE emulsion.

Lexomer NCP-2 is used in waterborne waterborne polymer adhesives with the following properties:

1. Significantly improve the gloss and transparency of the emulsion after film formation.

2. Significantly improve ductility and recovery, and enhance the elasticity and cohesion of the adhesive layer.

3. Enhance the flexibility and elasticity of the film.

4. Gives excellent wet bond strength and dry bond strength.

5. Improve peel strength and significantly improve adhesion to difficult-to-stick bases.

6. Endows good high and low temperature performance and enhances low temperature film-forming performance.

7. Greatly improve the low temperature resistance and frost resistance of the polymer.

8. Good water resistance and drug resistance.

9. Green environmental protection products can be widely used in food, medicine and tobacco and alcohol packaging industries. carnuaba wax solvent and additive for your reference.


Lexomer NCP-2 is primarily used in the following end-use products:

– Latex paints and sealer primers

– Wood sealer/finish

– White paint on the inner layer of the wood

– Indoor and outdoor decorative paint

– Industrial coatings

– Electrophoretic paint

– Water based adhesive

– Non-woven adhesive

– Textile Emulsion

– Art paints and primers

– Water-based ink, water-based varnish


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