Application of wax emulsions in the sealants

2022-01-20   Pageview:309

Sealing adhesive is to fold and shape the printed and die-cut cardboard, and then stick the seal with adhesive. It is widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Water-based wax emulsions have the same chemical composition as non-polar materials such as PP and PE, and therefore have a strong adhesion to non-polar materials such as PP and PE. This feature is used in the production of water-based PP adhesives by adding water-based wax emulsions.

Water-based wax emulsions are widely used in the water-based sealants, and their main functions are as follows.

1, Improve the high and low temperature resistance and water resistance of the adhesive layer, and prevent the open glue caused by the change of ambient temperature and humidity.

2,  As OPE, MAPP and PE, PP film and other non-polar polymer structure is similar, the sealant to plastic film, water-based varnish and other adhesion increases, and provides good affinity for plastic film.

3,  The spill can be wiped to improve.


1, water-based tackifying resin requires acid value between 20-30, acid value will be too large to make the system gel phenomenon. Also can be used low acid value of tackifying resin with toluene and other solvents dissolved and then emulsified to join, tackifying resin requires softening point between 70 ℃ -90 ℃.

2, water-based wax emulsion in alkaline conditions stable, such as the use of acidic acrylic emulsion, to first use ammonia to adjust the system to a weak alkaline to join the PE emulsion. Otherwise, it will gel, appear particles and other phenomena.

3, such as the use of alkali thickening thickener, it is recommended to use water to thin the thickener first, in a stirred state to join, otherwise there will be particles.

4, with VAE emulsion, rosin emulsion and tackifying resin system and with good stability, especially for packaging lamination (BOPP film PE film, etc.) and water-based varnish after the paper surface edge sealing adhesive.

Adhesion is the main function of the glue, but also is the main watershed between excellent adhesives and poor quality adhesives. Poor quality adhesive can only be bonded firmly for a short period of time and is prone to debonding in changing environments, while excellent adhesive can maintain a firm state of adhesion in harsh environments for a long time.


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