The role of wax emulsion in yarn

2022-02-02   Pageview:422

Usually, in the process of weaving and pre-treatment, many factors may make the fabric rough to the touch, so it is necessary to add lubricant to improve the feel. Lubricant lubrication is mainly used to reduce the interruption of weaving, suitable for a variety of natural fibers, chemical fiber yarn and its blended yarn, because the lubricant adsorbed on the fiber surface, to prevent direct contact between the fiber and fiber, reduce the dynamic friction coefficient and static friction coefficient between the fiber and fiber, reduce the resistance between the fabric components and the resistance between the fabric and the human body, in order to achieve a smooth feel, comfortable to wear. effect.

Q: What kind of wax is used for textile yarn?
You can use wax emulsion as a softener for yarn to improve the hand change and improve the brightness at the same time. General paraffin wax and polyethylene wax can be used, it mainly depends on the subsequent yarn usage.

Q: What waxes are used for toughening textile yarns?
Generally paraffin wax, polyethylene wax and polypropylene wax emulsion have certain effect, depending on the degree of toughening you want to improve.

Q: Are there any polyethylene wax emulsions used in textile?
Wax emulsion products in the textile industry are mainly used as softeners, slip agents, sizing aids, etc., can make the finishing of the fabric with a soft, smooth feel, while improving the physical properties of the fabric, improve the physical properties of the fabric, improve the elasticity, abrasion resistance, strength and sewing performance of the fabric.

Q: What kind of softener is suitable for yarn finishing?
A: Wax emulsion, yarn before weaving is generally poured once through the falling cylinder machine to prevent the yarn from being partially forced in transit, and the cylinder yarn is pressed to cause the quality problem that the fabric will be loosened and tightened after weaving. In this process yarn sticky layer of wax grease, so that the weaving process can be smooth, ideally by waxing the yarn to increase the holding force between the fibers, reduce the dynamic friction coefficient between the yarn and metal, ceramic, adjust the static friction coefficient, can reduce the weaving of the cloth burst holes, rotten cloth edge and broken threads occur.


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