Which industries are PTFE sheets used for?

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Which industries are PTFE sheets used for?

1. PTFE sheet materials are used in the electrical industry, and are used as insulation layers for power and signal lines in aerospace, aviation, electronics, instrumentation, computers and other industries. Bearings, gaskets, valves and chemical pipelines, pipe fittings, equipment container linings, etc.

2. PTFE sheet material is used in electrical appliances, chemical industry, aviation, machinery and other fields to replace quartz glassware in ultra-pure chemical analysis and storage of atomic energy, medicine, semiconductor and other industries. Various acids, alkalis and organic solvents can be made into High-insulation electrical parts, high-frequency wire and cable sheaths, corrosion-resistant chemical vessels, high-cold-resistant oil pipelines, artificial organs, etc. can be used as additives for plastics, rubber, coatings, inks, lubricating oils, greases, etc.

ptfe micropowder

3. The PTFE sheet material is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, has excellent electrical insulation, aging resistance, low water absorption, and excellent self-lubricating properties. PTFE suppliers in india It is a general-purpose lubricating powder suitable for various media. Apply to form a dry film for use as a substitute for graphite, molybdenum and other inorganic lubricants. Mold release agent for thermoplastic and thermoset polymers with excellent load-carrying capacity. Widely used in the elastomer and rubber industries and in anticorrosion.

4. PTFE sheet material can be used as a filler for epoxy resin to improve the wear resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance of epoxy adhesive.

5. PTFE sheet material can be mainly used as a binder and filler for powder cakes.


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