Quality indicators of Stannous octoate

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Appearance : Light yellow transparent liquid or yellow-brown paste
Chromaticity (platinum-cobalt color): ≤6
Mass fraction of total tin : ≥28.0%
Stannous content :≥27.25%
Foreign grades include Kosmos 29(Germany), Nuocure(USA).














The following matters should also be paid attention to during the application of silane coupling agent:
① During the storage of non-polar silane coupling agent, water vapor should be avoided to prevent the self-condensation failure of the silane coupling agent after hydrolysis.
②If the formula contains inorganic pigments and fillers that are “acceptable” silane coupling agents, part of the silane coupling agent will be absorbed and consumed during storage and film formation. At this time, excessive silane coupling agent needs to be added to achieve the expected Improve adhesion effect.
③The moisture and strong acid in the nitro paint can easily cause the instability of the silane coupling agent. Avoid applying silane coupling agent directly to the nitro paint system.
④When the formula contains acceptable pigments, fillers or silane coupling agents that are incompatible with the base material system, a primer can be used to dilute the silane coupling agent selected according to the above selection principles into a solution to ensure The base film thickness is about 1jm, bulk ptfe powder and the general coating can be applied on it after drying.

The effect of the silane coupling agent is related to the substrate, the type and amount of the silane coupling agent, the nature of the base resin or polymer, the pigments and fillers in the formulation, and the application occasions, methods and conditions. Therefore, in addition to the application process In addition to proper selection and correct application, possible variables must be considered at any time in order to adjust appropriately to obtain the best adhesion promotion effect.

Test after placing it at room temperature 25°C. ② Place it in boiling water for 2 hours, and then test after standing. Silane coupling agent supply and sales manufacturers: Degussa, Osi Specialties, DowCorning, Wacker-Chemie, Deqian (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd., etc. 2. The chemical formulas of titanate, zirconate and zirconate aluminate titanate/zirconate are similar to the structure of silanol after silane hydrolysis.

M is titanium or zirconium; R is isopropyl, n-butyl or other combinations of various organic segments.
The organic segments in the molecule can combine with the adsorbed water on the surface of inorganic substrates such as metals to form chemical bonds through hydrolysis. At the same time, it can also chemically react with the resin base material in the coating to bond, or physically bond through entanglement, thereby exerting its adhesion. Focus on the role of accelerators. The main substrates used for adhesion promotion include metal and glass. Titanium acetylacetonate can also be applied to pre-treated polyolefin plastic substrates. It can be coupled with the pretreated hydrocarbon groups of the plastic substrate to promote adhesion.


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