PE Wax Emulsion Used In Coatings

2023-11-21   Pageview:1416

PE wax emulsion is used in coatings. In coating formulations, polyethylene wax emulsion can effectively improve the wear resistance of the paint film. The paint film is very smooth, effectively reducing the friction coefficient of the coating, and plays a role in The non-adhesive effect also increases the service life of the product.

wax dispersions

1. Wax emulsion can improve the toughness of the coating: When plastic is used as the base material, the requirements for the coating are different. Low molecular weight polyethylene wax emulsion is commonly used. The cross-linking and affinity properties of thermoset coatings are greatly improved when applied to acrylic or polyglycol copolymers.
2. Water-based wax emulsion can improve the wear resistance, scratch resistance and adhesion resistance of the paint. Can be used as primer and topcoat for clear high gloss systems without affecting clear gloss and recoatability. The coating’s wear resistance, scratch resistance, hardening, smoothness and adhesion resistance are significantly improved.
3. Polyethylene wax emulsion in the coating industry has high requirements for wax emulsion particle size and emulsifier dosage. Therefore, polyethylene wax with high melting point (higher than 120°C) and ultra-fine particle size (less than 100nm) The development of emulsions has always been a technical difficulty in the ink and coating industries. Tianshi polyethylene wax emulsion has a melting range of 90~145℃, is light yellow and translucent, odorless and tasteless, has excellent strength and toughness, and is cheaper than palm wax. It has become the first choice in the ink and coating industries. .

PE wax emulsion is widely used in food packaging containers, textiles, resin finishing agents, softeners, printing inks, water-based coatings, printing glue, water-based glazing oil (peel chemical, shoe chemical, paper products, shoes emulsions, adhesives, car care, floor care), etc.


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