5 Tips of Polyethylene Wax in Adhesive Application

2021-05-25   Pageview:494

The mixed use of wax emulsion and adhesive is mainly to improve adhesive, cohesion, increase opening time, low temperature resistance and other effects. It is widely used in books, packaging, tape, laminated paper, building materials, footwear, car interiors Exterior wall decoration.

The application of wax emulsion in water-based adhesives:
1. Improve adhesion.
2. Improve initial adhesion.
3. Extend the opening hours.
4. High and low temperature resistance ability.
5. Waterproof.

Characteristics of wax emulsion:
1. Good stability, high melting point and strong adhesion.
2. Soft wax: good hand feeling; good elasticity and flexibility. The coating film can automatically recover after scratching; it has a non-slip effect.
3. Small particle size: The film is bright and transparent, and does not affect the gloss of the coating.
4. Anti-corrosion, water resistance, good stability.
5. It has good compatibility with polymer emulsion and is easy to be added into the system.

High Gloss and Transparency Wax Emulsion OE-6301 Name: Wax Emulsion Model Number: OE-6301

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