What is the role of oxidized wax in PVC calendering film?

2021-05-24   Pageview:965

PVC calendering film has excellent electrical insulation, aging resistance, solvent resistance, low water absorption and other excellent properties, and PVC also has the advantage of low price. The main role of wax lubricant is to prevent the adhesion of metal, delay the gelation of PVC and reduce the melt teaching degree, the lubricant can be divided into two categories according to its role: external lubricant and internal lubricant, which can be OP wax, PE wax, etc.

PVC calendering film production requirements
1. Uniform thickness.
2. Smooth surface.
3. Good compatibility.

It is the known oxidized polyethylene wax that can be used for PVC extrusion, injection, calendering and blown film and blow molding, high density oxidized polyethylene wax has higher oxidation and good lubrication effect. It is used for PVC calendering film and has excellent performance in transparent film products application, especially for blown film as well as extrusion process to make film, which has been proved to be an indispensable part.

Tianshi PVC calendering film special oxidation wax can improve the preplasticization ability and maintain the transparency of the product, while it has anti-friction property and can strengthen the strength of the film products. It has good metal stripping property and can extend the start-up time.


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