The Role Of Polyethylene Wax In PP Processing

2024-05-11   Pageview:44

The role of polyethylene wax in PP processing. In the processing of LLDPE and HDPE export products, using an appropriate amount of polyethylene wax can reduce the main motor current by 10-20%, increase the extrusion volume, and shorten the production time. Time, especially in the LLDPE blow molding process, can greatly improve the appearance quality and transparency of the thin film, and basically eliminate the shark shark phenomenon.

Application fields of polyethylene wax:
1. When polyolefin wax is used to process polypropylene yarn with high viscosity, adding this product can increase the MI value, increase lubrication and fluidity, reduce flat yarn breakage, and improve smoothness. It is an ideal polyolefin Melt index denaturant.

2. Polypropylene resin blend modified release agent: When a large amount of filler is added to polypropylene, injection molding is difficult, the surface of the product is rough, and it is difficult to demould. Adding an appropriate amount of polyolefin wax can improve the flow of the blend. The properties make the materials miscible, and the mutual miscibility makes the product easy to release from the mold and improves the finish of the finished product.

3. Polyethylene wax can be used as a carrier in the manufacture of toner for electrostatic copiers. It has an excellent lubrication effect, can increase the melting point and moisture resistance of the toner, and prevent the copies from sticking.

4. Polyolefin wax is an energy-saving agent and process modifier for polyolefin resin processing. Adding an appropriate amount of polyolefin wax during LLDDE, HLPE, and extrusion can reduce the host current by 10-20%. Increasing the extrusion speed and efficiency, especially in LLDDE blow molding processing, can improve the appearance quality and transparency of the film, and eliminate the shark peeping phenomenon.

5. Polyethylene wax is a dispersant and lubricant used in the manufacture of high-temperature hot spinning materials. It can replace polyethylene wax and be used in the manufacture of high-temperature spinning materials to overcome the problems caused by polyethylene wax during high-temperature spinning. Sublimation produces odor. Especially suitable for dispersion and lubrication in the manufacture of special materials for propylene, polyester and nylon spinning.

6. Polyethylene wax is used in the manufacture of high temperature resistant hot melt adhesive. It is a wear-resistant agent for printing ink. It can improve the wear resistance of ink, overcome wipe-off and improve temperature resistance.

TIANSHI polyolefin wax has the characteristics of high melting point, low melting degree, good lubricity and good dispersion. It is an excellent additive for current polyolefin processing and has high practicality.


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