The role of OPE wax in calcium and zinc stabilizers

2021-07-11   Pageview:868

OPE waxes are used in calcium and zinc stabilizers in combination with internal lubricants with an extremely strong release effect. In polyamide processing, OPE wax is used as dispersant to make reinforcing materials and pigments evenly distributed in polyamide.

 OPE wax for compound stabilizers

Adding OPE wax in compound stabilizer is mainly to do lubrication and demoulding in resin powder, and play the role of external slip mainly for late lubrication. Compound is a lot of functional materials compounded, each material has its own function, directly added to the mix.

What is the quality of PVC heat stabilizer?

1, High heat stabilization efficiency, and good light stability.

2, Good compatibility with PVC, good volatility, no sublimation, no migration, no frosting, not easily extracted by water, oil and other solvents.

3, It has proper lubricity, no pressure precipitation in the extrusion process, no scaling.

4, No reaction with other additives, no contamination by sulphur and copper, etc.

5, Does not reduce the electrical properties of the product and the secondary processing properties such as printing.

6, Non-toxic, no abnormal odor, no pollution, can be made transparent products.

7, Easy to process and use, low price.

In fact, there is no single product stabilizer that can fully meet the above conditions. Therefore, we need a purposeful combination and selection of PVC heat stabilizers.

Modified polyethylene wax
Oxidized polyethylene waxes are non-polar molecules, and the ability to incorporate polar groups into the molecule would greatly expand the field of application. These functionalized PEO waxes can be produced by copolymerization of ethylene with oxygenated monomers, or by chemically introducing carboxyl groups into the PEO waxes by oxidation, grafting, etc., which can be further modified by chemical reactions such as esterification, amidation, saponification, etc.


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