Does Wax Powder Have Any Effect On Ink Viscosity And Leveling?

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Does wax powder have any effect on ink viscosity and leveling? The poor leveling of ink is generally affected by its viscosity. When the viscosity of the ink is high, the fluidity of the ink becomes poor. After printing, the ink will appear uneven and pitted when it is transferred to the paper. On the contrary, the ink When the viscosity is low, the fluidity of the ink is better, and the transfer of the ink to the paper after printing is relatively smooth, and the leveling is better.

wax additive

What factors affect the ink viscosity?
1. The factors of the ink itself. The poor leveling of the ink itself is the key factor that leads to the poor leveling of the ink layer after printing, such as high solid content of pigments, binders, photoinitiators, etc. in the ink or low surface tension of the ink and the yield value of the ink. When it is larger, it will cause poor leveling of the ink layer.
2. The influence of additives. Different systems or different brands of inks or auxiliaries use different resins, pigments, binders, cross-linking agents, etc., when they are mixed and used, it is easy to have poor ink leveling. Types of inks stick together, while different types of inks repel each other, causing severe orange shrinkage in the ink layer.
3. When the leveling of the ink itself is not good, an appropriate leveling agent can be added to improve the wettability of the ink and improve the surface tension of the ink, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the leveling of the ink layer. . It should be noted that it is best not to mix inks or additives produced by different ink manufacturers.
4. Environmental factors. When the ambient temperature is high, the viscosity of the ink becomes lower, the fluidity becomes larger, and the leveling of the ink layer after printing is better. On the contrary, when the ambient temperature is low, the viscosity of the ink becomes higher, the cohesion increases, the fluidity becomes worse, and the leveling of the ink layer after printing becomes worse.

Adding 1%~3% polyene wax to the ink can change the fluidity of the ink, reduce the viscosity of the system, and at the same time improve the smoothness, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance of the ink. Improve the freshness, speed up the fixation, and make the online store of printed products complete, which can reduce the disadvantages of caking, scratching, and smearing; and improve the printing performance of the ink.


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