What Wax Emulsion Is Used For Textile Yarn Slurry?

2024-06-30   Pageview:30

What wax emulsion is used for textile yarn slurry? After the yarn is waxed, a uniform oil film will be formed on the surface, which increases the smoothness of the yarn, thereby improving the friction conditions between the yarns, between the yarn and the yarn guide equipment, effectively reducing the static and dynamic friction coefficients between them, reducing the breakage during winding and weaving, and improving the efficiency of winding and weaving.

Analysis of the reasons why the wax emulsion used in textile mortar improves the strength of the yarn:

A. The wax emulsion can be evenly adsorbed on the entire surface of the yarn, effectively reducing the dynamic and static friction coefficients in yarn production, making the yarn run smoothly, significantly reducing the breakage rate, and improving production efficiency.

B. It effectively prevents the generation of static electricity during high-speed operation of the yarn, reduces the friction between the yarn and mechanical parts, and does not cause knots between the yarn during operation, thereby improving the machine properties.

C. Improve the CV value of yarn evenness, improve the evenness of yarn evenness, improve the machine properties of the yarn, and promote the consistency of yarn coil shape and clear texture.
D. No flying flowers will be produced during production, which effectively purifies the production environment of employees. The fabric texture is clear and uniform, and there is no fluff on the surface.

Yarn smoothing agent is born to protect the yarn strength. As a high-density water-soluble oxidized polyethylene wax emulsion fiber protector, its core function is to evenly coat a protective film on the surface of the yarn, and at the same time penetrate into the yarn fiber after drying, fill the fiber gaps, improve the smoothness of the yarn, and greatly reduce the friction between the yarn and the processing equipment.


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