The role of oxidized polyethylene wax in PVC

2021-07-24   Pageview:2674

The role of pvc lubricants is to reduce friction between the polymer and the equipment, as well as internal friction between the polymer molecular chains. Oxidized polyethylene waxes have a higher oxidation level and external lubricating properties. The part of its structure which is compatible with plastic in polarity plays the role of internal lubrication, and the part which is incompatible with plastic in polarity plays the role of external lubrication and mold release.

The role of PVC external lubricant in PVC film in soft product formulations, the amount of lubricant is too much, it will frost and affect the strength of the product and high-frequency welding and printability.

And too little lubricant will stick to the rollers, and for blown film, too little lubricant will stick to the mouth mold and easily make the plastic coke in the mold. In order to improve the sticky phenomenon of blown film, it is appropriate to add a small amount of internal lubricant monoglyceride.

When producing PVC soft products, the amount of lubricant added is generally less than 1 part. In hard PVC plastics, excessive lubricant will lead to strength reduction and also affect the process operation. For injected products peeling can occur, especially near the gate. For injected products, the total amount of stearic acid and paraffin wax is generally 0.5~1 part: for extruded products, it is generally no more than 1 part.

OPE wax has special properties such as low viscosity, high softening point and good hardness, non-toxic, good thermal stability, low volatility at high temperature, excellent dispersion of fillers and pigments, excellent external lubricity and strong internal lubrication, also has coupling effect, which can improve the production efficiency of plastic processing and reduce the production cost, and has good compatibility with polyolefin resins and so on.

In the plastic processing industry, oxidized polyethylene wax for PVC has a more balanced internal and external lubricating effect. Adding oxidized polyethylene wax to hard transparent and PVC formulations its lubricity is better than other lubricants. It is widely used in PE and PVC cable making, PVC profile and pipe making.


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